Mark Your Calendars…

These dates are subject to change, but will probably stay as they are. If you'd like to participate in a retreat that I will be leading or co-leading at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA, in 2012, here are the dates to hold: June 15 - 17, 2012: The Spirituality of George MacDonald and C. S. Lewis July 13 - 15, 2012: Spiritual Writing and Journal Keeping August 10 - 12, 2012: Of Gods and Men: Cistercian Spirituality and Interfaith Relationships September 14 - 16, 2012: Spirituality … [Read more...]

The New Abbey Store

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit has opened a new Monastic Heritage Center, including a museum of monastic culture — housed in an old barn where the monks lived when they first came to Georgia in 1944, a greenhouse and garden center, a coffee shop, and a new Abbey Store. The entire center is beautiful, and I believe the museum will do wonders to draw more people to contemplative spirituality (as well as help stimulate vocations to monastic life). Here's a short video I made on Friday, minutes b … [Read more...]

Snow at the Monastery

Here are some pictures of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit under several inches of snow — most unusual for us southerners. These photos are by Haven Sweet. … [Read more...]

Live, Laugh, Love, Lectio

This week I led a retreat at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit on the theme of "Live, Laugh, Love." It's an interesting topic to explore in the setting of a Trappist monastery, known for its silent atmosphere and ethos of Cistercian simplicity. But the small group of retreatants and I have enjoyed plenty of fun and chuckles as we have explored our topic together.One of the exercises I provided for the retreatants was a lectio divina exercise on the following scripture verses. I thought they … [Read more...]

Someone who WON’T be going to Northern Ireland in August…

Here is a little "friend" we discovered in the woods behind the Abbey Store at the monastery where I work.Needless to say, Saint Patrick is not in Georgia. This, of course, is a black snake, who helps to control the population of field mice throughout the largely wooded grounds of the monastery — so this slithery fellow is one of the good guys. But if snakes are not your thing, you can rest assured that this creature will not be joining us in Northern Ireland this summer!He (or she) will s … [Read more...]

A Photo Essay of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit

If you would like to see some photographs from the monastery where I work, including some rare shots from inside the cloister, follow this link:Georgia Monastery Strives to Be Self-SufficientThe occasion for this little photo essay was the groundbreaking at the Monastery on Tuesday, for a new "monastic heritage center" (which will include a new bookstore!). … [Read more...]

Live, Laugh, Love

I have been asked to lead a retreat at the Guesthouse of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in September. The person who originally was in charge of the retreat is unable to lead it, and so I have inherited it. It is called "Live, Laugh, Love" and it sounds like it will be tremendous fun. Here is the write-up for the retreat, as it appears on the Monastery's Website:Live, Laugh, Love September 13-16, 2010 The Live, Laugh, Love Retreat is a Celebration — celebrating our relationship with God. It i … [Read more...]