Palm Sunday Concert at the Monastery, featuring Thomas Tallis

If you live in or near metro Atlanta, you won't find a more aesthetically and spiritually uplifting way to begin Holy Week than this special event at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. I'm excited about the inclusion of Tallis' Lamentations, but the entire program should be splendid.Monastery of the Holy Spirit presentsA Concert of Sacred Classical Music A Lenten Meditation for Passion Sunday March 28, 2010 at 4:00 pm featuring The University of Georgia Collegium Musicum & Chamber … [Read more...]

Monks on Public Radio

I copied the following graphic, paragraph and link from the City Cafe page of the Public Broadcasting Atlanta website. It features a four-minute audio clip that has recently been broadcast on WABE, Atlanta's public broadcasting radio station. Click on the link beneath the image to hear the audio clip; it features chanting by the monks and an interview with one of the brothers from the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia.Click here to listen » Back in 1944 twenty-one Trappist monks … [Read more...]

The Magdalene Relic

My dear readers, the veneration of saints' relics is not a central part of my spirituality, Catholic though I may be. And I'm cynical enough to wonder if any 1st century relic can ever really be accepted at face value (I mean, just how many relics of the "true cross" are there?). However, with this disclaimer and caveat in mind, even I have to say that this is really, really cool:The relic is only in the United States for a limited time and the Monastery is fortunate to host it for a day. … [Read more...]

New (and not so new) books from friends

One of the sweet things about being an author and a blogger is that I'm always learning about wonderful new (and just "new to me") books, often from friends of mine, either folks I know in person or acquaintances that I have found through Facebook. So this morning I thought I'd highlight a few of these books, books which I think readers of this blog will enjoy. Actually, I myself have not yet read any of these books (!), but I have at least looked at them all, and they all look pretty juicy. … [Read more...]

Lay Cistercian Promises

Yesterday I made my simple promises as a Lay Cistercian, along with six of my friends. Three others, who already were junior Lay Cistercians renewed their promises. The promises are for one year, and need to be repeated annually for at least three years before lifetime promises can be made.It was a lovely ceremony. We met in the monastery chapter room and, standing before the Abbot and the spiritual director of the Lay Cistercians, read our promises aloud, then signed three copies: one for … [Read more...]

Harvesting Timber the Old Fashioned Way

Recently, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit hired a natural forest management service to clear out trees that had been felled by a tornado on the monastery land — land that has been set aside for a green cemetary. True to the community's commitment to manage the land in as sustainable a way as possible, they brought in a team that uses Suffolk workhorses to remove the timber, thereby minimizing the collateral damage to the forest. A local news station ran a segment on this, and here's a link to t … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Monastery

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia, is a beautiful place. It's a peaceful environment, perfect for an hour, a day, or a weekend (or, if you're a single Catholic man sensing a vocation to religious life, for a lifetime) devoted to prayer and contemplation.Here are a few photographs I took at the monastery this past Friday. … [Read more...]