The Cloud of Unknowing over the Monastery

When I was leaving the grounds of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit this past Thursday evening, I was thrilled by this celestial phenomena. Is this an image of the Cloud of Unknowing, or what? So I stopped my car and used my trusty cell phone to take this snapshot. … [Read more...]

Writing and Journal Keeping Retreat is Almost Full

If you're interested in attending the "Writing and Journal Keeping" Retreat at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, you'll need to register now. I spoke with the registrar yesterday who informed me that the retreat is almost full. The retreat runs May 23-25. The leader of the retreat is Fr. James Behrens OCSO, and I'll be there at least part of the time as his assistant, and it is likely that I will be giving a talk at some point over the weekend (but frankly, forget about me; Fr. James is an … [Read more...]

Father Tom, Fran and Me

Here's a photograph of Fr. Tom Francis, OCSO, with yours truly and Fran. This picture was taken at a reception honoring the lifetime promises of four Lay-Cistercians who made their profession this past April.Fr. Tom is the author of an interesting booklet on the connection between angels and contemplative prayer, called Angels: Our Guides to Contemplation for the Third Millennium. The photo, incidentally, was taken by Fr. James Behrens, OCSO, author of several books, the most recent being … [Read more...]

Spring at the Monastery

My wife is on spring break this week, and so today she visited the Monastery of the Holy Spirit with her new camera in hand. Here are just a few of her photographs from the day's adventure:The Blessed Mother has a friend...... while the geese enjoy the monastery lake...... and in the Abbey Church, peace reigns. These photos are by Fran McColman. Please acknowledge her and provide a link back to this post if you use these. Thank you! … [Read more...]

Field Trip Mom

An Atlanta blogger/photographer who calls herself "Field Trip Mom" because she takes her children on adventures around the area recently visited the Monastery of the Holy Spirit and posted some lovely photos on her blog:Field Trip Mom's Visit to the Monastery … [Read more...]

Stations of the Cross in Conyers

My friend Phil asked me to take some photographs of some of the stations of the cross by the lake at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. So I did, and here are photos of seven of them. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image. … [Read more...]

Green Burial Interview

The "Forecast Earth" program on the Weather Channel recently aired a segment on green burials; they interviewed Billy and Kimberley Campbell of Memorial Ecosystems, who are managing the Honey Creek Woodlands green cemetery at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.Follow this link to watch the "Forecast Earth" interview Follow this link to learn more about Honey Creek WoodlandsAlthough Honey Creek Woodlands is on land owned by the monastery, it is an ecumenical burial site where people of any … [Read more...]