Sacred Rhythms: How Monastic Spirituality Can Nurture Your Walk with God

Would you like to learn more about the beautiful spirituality of Christian monks and nuns?Are you drawn to the silence, the chanted liturgy, the ongoing commitment to prayer and compassion, the simple life where both manual labor and spiritual study are valued and celebrated?Here is a book which distills the best elements and characteristics of the monastic way into a useful and informative overview of this ancient, yet still relevant, way of life.Forget about Rod Dreher — here is a b … [Read more...]

Exploring Monastic Spirituality (Video) is monastic spirituality? Is it just for monks and nuns? Or can it make a difference in the lives of others?This video shares with you a few insights that I have garnered from about a decade of studying with, praying alongside, and learning from a community of Trappist monks who live near my home in Georgia. The Trappists (Cistercians of the Strict Observance) live an ancient monastic life that is, in the words of their constitution, … [Read more...]