Go Ask Alice

We saw Alice in Wonderland Saturday evening. It's getting lukewarm reviews and that's pretty much how I feel about it. Of course, it was visually rich, and even without the obligatory presence of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter, it had Tim Burton's fingerprints all over it. It kind of felt like last year's Star Trek reboot — a chance to see familiar characters interpreted in interesting new ways. Unfortunately, where Alice fails is in the story. Other critics have complained that it feels t … [Read more...]

Grace and the Goddess: AVATAR as a Christian/Pagan Parable

James Cameron's new film, Avatar, tells a story we've all heard before; as I commented on Twitter last night, it is Dances with Wolves meets Star Trek: Insurrection, with elements of The Matrix and Whale Rider thrown in. But Avatar is grander and more epic than any of these films, and of course, it's a stunning achievement of CGI artistry. For its sheer beauty, go see it. But critics are whining that the story is "weak" or "boring" and I think they're rather justified in their gripes. … [Read more...]

Johnny Depp’s first chocolate film…

Chocolat came out about seven years ago, so maybe it's a snooze for me to be writing about it now. But I watched it the other night, for the first time since returning to the Christian faith. It's fascinating how a different perspective can enable us to view a familiar film with new eyes. When Chocolat was in the theatre, I saw it as a Christian-vs.-Pagan film: the Comte de Reynaud (Alfred Molina) stood for bedrock conservative Christian values, while his adversary (and our hero), Vianne Rocher … [Read more...]