Wendell Berry on Christianity and Creation

The following quotation landed in my email inbox this morning from my good friend and co-conspirator Phil Foster, who in turn found it on Facebook... I traced it back to a wonderful website run by a Zen Quaker organic farmer in Virginia. The farm is called White Flint Farm and you can visit the website here. The quotation actually comes from an essay by Wendell Berry called "Christianity and The Survival of Creation" which can be found in his book Sex, Economy, Freedom, Community: Eight Essays. … [Read more...]

The Story of Stuff

This online video comes to me from Fr. Vincent of the New Skellig Celtic Christian Community in San Francisco. Take a few minutes out of your busy day and watch it.If you want to visit the website related to this video, here it is: The Story of Stuff Project. … [Read more...]

Fran’s Birthday and DeSoto Falls

Yesterday was Fran's birthday, and she wanted to spend part of it in the North Georgia mountains. So I took the day off from work and we drove up to White County where there are several majestic waterfalls. We both had cameras with us: she had her fancy Nikon D40X, while I had my more humble Kodak 6490. But even the Kodak can take some nice photos for the web.The Creek at DeSoto Falls, White County, GeorgiaUpper DeSoto Falls, White County, Georgia After Rhiannon finished her day program, she … [Read more...]

St. Francis

October 4 is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi.In honor of this day, I invite anyone who reads this to do something to connect more deeply than usual with nature. Take a walk outdoors, work in your garden, pick up litter, plant a tree, increase your recycling, buy green products, visit an organic farm, adopt a rescue animal, celebrate your own earthiness.The Celts, the Native Americans, and St. Francis: the sacred trinity of western nature mysticism. Blessings to you on this most holy day. … [Read more...]

Ken Wilber on the Deity of Nature (or Not)

"If nature (via evolution) produced humans, and humans produced the ozone hole, then didn't nature produce the ozone hole? If not, then there is some part of humans that is not part of nature, and therefore nature cannot be the ultimate ground of existence. Nature cannot be a genuine God or Goddess or Spirit — because nature is clearly not all-inclusive and thus must simply be a smaller slice of a much bigger pie." — Ken Wilber, A Theory of Everything … [Read more...]