Divine Light

Divine Light: The Theology of Denys the Areopagite By William Riordan San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2008 Review by Carl McColmanTo fully grasp the beauty and complexity (and some would say, the challenge) of Christian mysticism, sooner or later you will contend with the elusive sixth-century figure known variously as Denys, Dionysius, or Pseudo-Dionysius, the Areopagite. We don't know his real name. In his own writings, he passes himself off as a figure briefly mentioned in the New Testament … [Read more...]

Philosophy and the Trinity: From Thinking about Oneness to Experiencing God’s Love

In her introductory book on Neoplatonism, Pauliina Remes makes the following observation about the Neoplatonic conception of "the One," the philosophical principle explaining the origin, unity, and ultimate end of all things: The role of the One in metaphysics becomes threefold. We have seen that the One is an efficient cause of everything there is in the universe. It was also established that it is the ultimate explanation of everything's unity and existence. Finally, since everything reverts … [Read more...]

Christ, Plato, and France

Every now and then I'm fascinated at how books that cross my desk seem to be connected. Here are two books I've recently come across: one is brand new, the other a few years old:The Christian Platonism of Simone Weil, edited by E. Jane Doering and Eric O. Springsted; University of Notre Dame Press, 2004 Christian Metaphysics and Neoplatonism by Albert Camus, translated with an introduction by Ronald D. Srigley; University of Missouri Press, 2007Haven't read either one yet, so I can't … [Read more...]