Contemplation and Peace

A Facebook friend shared with me that she has been "thinking about contemplative prayer as a resource for peacemaking or for community building." Especially given the horrors in Orlando this past weekend, perhaps this is something we all need to be thinking about. Is contemplative prayer a meaningful tool for fostering reconciliation? Can it foster peace — not only inner peace, but peace in the world as well?I don't have any scientific data to help provide any kind of definitive answers to th … [Read more...]

Thirteen Characteristics of Healthy Spirituality

Following the passing of Anglican contemplative theologian Kenneth Leech, I've been revisiting several of his books. In the back of his book True God: An Exploration in Spiritual Theology is Leech's manifesto "Toward a Renewed Spirituality." It's an important statement that deserves wide consideration.Ken offers thirteen points that he considers essential for the ongoing renewal of Christian spirituality. Here are his points with a my reflection on them. Ken's words are in bold type, my … [Read more...]

Contemplation and the Ocean of Presence

Here's a little video I filmed last month at the Gulf Coast. It's only about 45 seconds long and consists of the sunset and the surf. I offer it to you as a little moment of serenity. Please enjoy. know some people might find a little video like this boring. Compared to Hollywood culture or Madison Avenue culture, something as simple as the ocean or the gulf crashing gently on the shore might very well seem, well, singularly unexciting.And so it is.I'm … [Read more...]