Maggie Ross on Scholarship and the Contemplative Life

I am honored, although also humbled, to have been mentioned in the blog of Anglican solitary Maggie Ross, author of a truly wonderful book on the spirituality of priesthood, Pillars of Flame. Ross is taking me to task for recommending Carmen Butcher's translation of The Cloud of Unknowing. Although she is gracious in the tone of her criticism, her overall message is that anyone who seeks to learn from the great contemplatives of the past must be careful in his or her scholarship, or else the … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

Every bit of the creation is sustained by the life of God, is sacrament, and is engaged with the whole of creation. Each moment of life can be and, if we are committed to the humility of Christ, must be Eucharist. The early Syrian church recognized this fact and allowed all who wished it to receive the Eucharist, whether or not they were baptized. This church understood that in Eucharist sacred time and linear time coinhere, and the parousia is now. Sacraments of the Christian churches must not … [Read more...]