Listen to my friends…

I'd like to take a moment and send some love to some friends of mine who are creating interesting audio content for the web. Okay, a disclaimer: they've both talked about me and/or had me on their show. But that notwithstanding, I recommend both shows as well worth your time. Both have a strong interfaith dimension, and so are particularly suited for anyone wanting an expansive approach to spirituality.First, from the west coast, Alison Leigh Lilly and Jeff Lilly have created a new podcast … [Read more...]


Michael Casey, a wonderful Trappist author from Australia, has begun a podcast on the Prologue of the Rule of St. Benedict. If you're interested in checking out what contemporary monastics have to say about this ancient document, visit this page:iMonk: Reflections on the Prologue of Saint Benedict's Rule for Monasteries … [Read more...]