Prayerfulness — and further thoughts on “Tame” and “Wild” Spirituality

Yesterday I finished Prayerfulness. My copy of the book came from; I get books from them as part of their reviewer program, so I owed them a review on it. This is what I wrote: Robert J. Wicks writes in the tradition of Joseph Schmidt's classic, Praying Our Experiences: An Invitation to Open Our Lives to God -- in other words, Prayerfulness is a thoughtful, grounded, and warm invitation to expand our concept of what prayer is and the role it plays in the ordinary moments of our lives. … [Read more...]

Aslan may not be tame, but what are we to be?

A blogger named Benjamin David Steele has written a very nice review of my blog. Here are a few tidbits: Let me recommend a rather lovely blog.  It’s well written and the author seems well informed.  The blog in question is The Website of Unknowing and the author of it is Carl McColman ...[who] began as a Christian who became a Neopagan and who then later returned to Christianity via mysticism.... Beyond these interests, McColman demonstrates a fairly wide and intelligent selection of ideas and w … [Read more...]