Progressive Christianity and Mysticism?

In just a few days I will head out to the Wild Goose Festival, where I will be speaking on "Contemplation as a Subversive Act" and participating in a dialogue on the question of "How can I truly love those whose values are hostile to my own?" (riffing on Matthew 5:44). I'm excited about this event, not least because many people I admire, from Richard Rohr to John Dear to Phyllis Tickle to Shane Claiborne to Brian McLaren, etc. etc. etc., will be there.The Goose is getting a lot of press, from … [Read more...]

A New Kind of Christianity

A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming Our Faith By Brian D. McLaren New York: HarperOne, 2010 Review by Carl McColmanI think the argument could be made that evidence of just how important Brian McLaren's latest book is, comes not just from his own gracious and thoughtful argument, but just as much from his many detractors. We have a saying here in the south, "A hit dog hollers" — in other words, the vehemence by which some corners of the evangelical world are pushing b … [Read more...]

Ordinary Radicals

Based on this trailer, the forthcoming movie Ordinary Radicals looks pretty exciting.I returned to Christianity in 2005 because of my desire to be more intimately involved with the living contemplative tradition (such as can be found at the monastery where I now work). While that renewed spiritual commitment has been truly a blessing, I didn't count on the fact that while I was away, within the Christian community an entirely new movement of the Holy Spirit was emerging — a movement which is … [Read more...]

The Beloved Community: From Formation to Action

If you live in Atlanta, are thinking about moving to Atlanta (you know who you are!), or are simply interested in helping progressive Christianity to prosper in the Atlanta area, this event looks mighty tasty: The Beloved Community: From Formation to Action which is scheduled for October 10-11, 2008. According to the "Progressive Christian Cooperative" website, this event will be a networking opportunity for those who are interested in living out an inclusive theology with an emphasis on … [Read more...]