Renaissance for St. Francis’ Day!

I am simply thrilled to post that Fran and Rhiannon and I have recently purchased our tickets to see Renaissance (the legendary 1970s-era classical rock band, which re-formed in 2010) in its first concert in Atlanta in about 30 years! They will be at Variety Playhouse on October 4 — the Feast of Saint Francis. Not that there is anything particularly Franciscan about them (although we do know that Annie Haslam, the lead vocalist, is quite an animal lover). It's a serendipitous day, but frankly, I' … [Read more...]

Ashes Are Burning

Ashes Are Burning By Renaissance Capitol Records, 1972 Review by Carl McColmanOnce upon a time (when Ronald Reagan was merely an ex-governor from California and "liberal" was not a dirty word), back before the 80s marketing gurus dreamed up the term "classic rock" to describe anything that predated the Sex Pistols, there was a genre of popular music known as "classicAL rock," which it signified music that blended classical motifs and themes with the basic structure of rock'n'roll. … [Read more...]