Quote for the Day

The prophetic voice and the spirit of inner prayer are not two alternative ways of Christian witness: they are inseparable in a healthy Christian life, and history shows that where they are not held together, both decay.— Kenneth Leech, Prayer and Prophecy: The Essential Kenneth Leech … [Read more...]

Cold War Letters

Cold War Letters By Thomas Merton Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2006 Review by Carl McColmanThomas Merton was one of the great prophetic voices of the turbulent 1960s, but some of his most trenchant writing was not allowed to be published during his lifetime. His "cold war letters" consisted of correspondence with a variety of well- and lesser-known artists and activists (including Erich Fromm, Clare Booth Luce, Henry Miller, and Dorothy Day) with whom Merton shared his thoughts about how people … [Read more...]