Concerning Merton, Spiritual Direction, and Lighting Candles

  I'm continuing the conversation with noted author and Anglican solitary Maggie Ross. If you're just joining the party now, read Maggie Ross on Scholarship and the Contemplative Life and Maggie Ross's Response to get the story thus far. What follows below is my response to her comments, as posted on my blog yesterday. ***** Dear Maggie,Once again I must say thank you — this time for leaving such a detailed and thoughtful response to my questions. I know you say you are o … [Read more...]

Quakers and Pagans

I'm briefly quoted in an interesting article on Neopagans who embrace Quaker spirituality. Cat Chapin-Bishop, who frequently hangs out at this blog and who is herself a Quaker Pagan, is featured in it as well. … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

Speak only when your words are an improvement on silence. — Quaker proverb … [Read more...]