Advice for a Beginner

A reader posted these questions to my blog this morning: As a novice to Contemplative Prayer I guess I should take the introduction pace . Any suggestions ? Also, Carl, do you consider Henri Nouwen a mystic? I'll answer your second question first. I certainly have the sense of Henri Nouwen as a contemplative, based on what I know of him and his work. As you may have surmised if you've poked around this blog very much, though, I tend to be reticent about applying the word "mystic" to people … [Read more...]

Questions of Balance

A woman named Rajie who has just read The Aspiring Mystic emailed me with these questions: I've prayed to god and the universe to help me find a mentor, teacher, friend, group, community...really anything...and although some opportunites have arisen, they just didn't feel right. Any suggestions? I really don't wanna go at this alone, I have so many questions and just really would love to bounce different ideas and thoughts off of another mind.How does one maintain/find a balance between … [Read more...]

Everything you always wanted to know about Christian mysticism (but were afraid to ask)

Hey you! Yes, that's right... you, the person reading these words right now. I need your help. Don't go away — please read this post and take a moment to respond...Six months ago I heard a snippet of a talk Anne Lamott gave in which she encouraged writers to write the book they wish they could read. So I wrestled with this topic for a couple of days in my blog, culminating by saying this: The book I wish I could read: a simple, practical, and sequential step-by-step manual on how to embark on t … [Read more...]