Quote for the Day

So just let God act, and be at peace. As far as you are in God, you are in peace; and as far as you are outside God, you are outside peace. Lack of peace comes from created things and not from God. Nor is there anything to fear in God, and nothing in him to cause sadness; his being can draw only love from us. It is true: they who have all they wish for, know joy; but no one has this except those whose will is one with God's will. May God grant us this union! — Meister Eckhart, quoted i … [Read more...]

Evening at Emory: Introduction to World Mysticism!

Register now for INTRODUCTION TO WORLD MYSTICISM This spring through Evening at Emory! Madonna is studying the Kabbalah. The Shack is a runaway bestseller. Seven hundred years after he died, everyone's reading Rumi. Yoga, Buddhism and other eastern practices are more popular among Americans than ever. So what gives? At the heart of all these cultural trends is mysticism, a vague word that can be translated as "the spiritual principle at the heart of religion." Many people believe mysticism … [Read more...]

The Atlanta Christian Mysticism Meetup… Off and Running

 Last night was the inaugural meeting of the rebooted Atlanta Christian Mysticism Meetup.Alas, I forgot to take my camera, so I have no incriminating images to share with you. But I can tell you about it: we had eleven people show up, seven of whom I had never met in person before (although a few of those I knew from online). The participants seemed to represent a variety of church affiliations (or, non-affiliation), ages, and perspectives on mysticism. We structured the meetup around … [Read more...]