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But did anyone ever tell you that Jesus' very first message in the Gospels, which is usually translated as "convert," "repent," or "reform" (Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:15) is the Greek word metanoia, which quite literally means to "change your mind"? Jesus' first word to us was "change!" — and mind change at that! What we have translated as "repent" is not a moralistic or even churchy word at all; it is a clear strategy for enlightenment for the world. Once you accept ongoing change as a central p … [Read more...]

I Corinthians 2:16

At least three times this weekend, both online and off, I got into conversations with people about the word metanoia. The link is to its Wikipedia entry, which provides a succinct look at the different ways in which this delicious Greek word can be understood.Is metanoia about repentance (stopping doing things that are unloving, addictive/abusive, inimical to the grace of God), or is it about entering into a new mind: a heightened consciousness, a spiritual quantum leap?I don't think the … [Read more...]