Concerning Human Rest-Less-Ness

Here are my replies to my friend’s questionnaire: the second part, which deals with the topic of Human “Rest-less-ness.”What robs you of peace? What gets in the way of your resting? What makes you feel restless? What is it that we “lack” when we are “rest-less”? My own compulsions, probably more than anything else. My tendency to compulsive behavior not only keeps me busy (often with tasks that do not in themselves truly nurture my soul), but also introduces a sense of anxiety: if I don't do t … [Read more...]

Concerning Human Rest

Last week I posted a series of questions from a friend of mine who is writing her dissertation on the theology of rest and the role that rest plays in the life of Christian ministers. Now, for my answers to her first set of questions:What gives you rest? What do you find restful? When we say “beautiful,” we mean “full of beauty;” then, what are we “full of” when we are restful? What does it mean to call something restful? For me, rest is all about unstructured time. It's an opportunity to live … [Read more...]