So what does Centering Prayer have in common with Rock and Roll?

When I was in high school, I used to hear charismatic Christians talk about how rock and roll music conjured demons. "It's in the drum beat," they said. "It's the same drum beat that witchdoctors use in primitive cultures to call up their evil spirits." Basically, if you listened to rock music, no matter what your intentions may have been, you were (according to these folks) unintentionally making yourself vulnerable to the malevolent influence of opportunistic spirits.It's interesting how I … [Read more...]

A Kiss for Condi

A little while back the online world was buzzing with photos of Bono mugging it up with George W. Bush. But the chief exec. isn't the only one who gets to hang out with rock stars. Here is Condoleezza Rice with ... Kiss!Their paths crossed recently in Stockholm, and the Secretary of State said she was "thrilled" to meet the band.You can read the story here.Yes, I agree. It's the weirdest encounter since Elvis met Nixon. … [Read more...]


Last night I bought a bass guitar. It's an Ibanez GSR190: a beginner's bass. It's "low end" not only in the sound it makes but in the money it costs. It's strictly no frills, but I'm already in love with it.Yes, I know: that hardly seems to be a very "contemplative" thing to do. Although within minutes of plugging it in and messing around with it (I'm musically illiterate, and won't start lessons until March, so I basically have the next six weeks to gleefully make noise like a five year old … [Read more...]