The Magdalene Relic

My dear readers, the veneration of saints' relics is not a central part of my spirituality, Catholic though I may be. And I'm cynical enough to wonder if any 1st century relic can ever really be accepted at face value (I mean, just how many relics of the "true cross" are there?). However, with this disclaimer and caveat in mind, even I have to say that this is really, really cool:The relic is only in the United States for a limited time and the Monastery is fortunate to host it for a day. … [Read more...]

Thomas Merton on Sanctity

The saint knows that the world and everything made by God is good, while those who are not saints either think that created things are unholy, or else they don't bother about the question one way or another because they are only interested in themselves. The eyes of the saint make all beauty holy and the hands of the saint consecrate everything they touch to the glory of God, and the saint is never offended by anything and judges no man's sin because he does not know sin. He knows the mercy of … [Read more...]

St. Francis

October 4 is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi.In honor of this day, I invite anyone who reads this to do something to connect more deeply than usual with nature. Take a walk outdoors, work in your garden, pick up litter, plant a tree, increase your recycling, buy green products, visit an organic farm, adopt a rescue animal, celebrate your own earthiness.The Celts, the Native Americans, and St. Francis: the sacred trinity of western nature mysticism. Blessings to you on this most holy day. … [Read more...]