Quote for the Day

In many of the houses of the poor in Africa and Latin America, there are no locks on the doors. In fact, in many houses, there are no doors. In the U.S. we have at least two doors per household, and two or three locks per door. Is this a symptom of anything? As a nation, America is constantly fortifying itself with bigger missiles and better guns... What does this say about our priorities? Christians are often the worst of all in promoting a national security state, while still daring to read … [Read more...]

Locking the Barn Door After the Horse is Out

Here's a glimpse into the kinds of things that are happening in Carl's and Fran's world...We've issued fraud warnings with the credit bureaus, closed Fran's checking account, and placed warnings on my and Rhiannon's accounts (because the thief got our information due to my doing the taxes with TurboTax, and also helped himself to four books of Fran's checks); We are shopping for a safe. We are shopping for a home security system. We've signed up for .Mac so that we can use its web-based … [Read more...]