To understand Matthew 13:11, read Matthew 11:25…

Thanks to everyone who left such thoughtful comments on my Matthew 13:11 post from a few days back.Simon writes: I had never seen that verse as relating to contemplation. Rather, it seems to me to refer to basic Christian truths. My Vine’s Dictionary says “In the ordinary sense a mystery implies knowledge withheld; its Scriptural significance is truth revealed”. I think Vine's is nailing it on the head. This is how Christian mysticism differs from pagan mysticism: the pagan mystery cults wer … [Read more...]

We’re looking for a few good contemplatives

One thing I've found interesting: when I tell people I'm writing a book about Christian mysticism, a typical response I receive is, "Oh, that's advanced, that's beyond me, I could never be a mystic."Boo hiss.A little while back I set up a page for The Cloud of Unknowing on MySpace. Recently someone emailed me and said: In the author's foreward he says of the book, "you are not to read it, write or speak of it, nor allow another to do so, unless you really believe that he is a person deeply … [Read more...]