Life is a Pilgrimage — So Embrace the Journey

The Soul of a Pilgrim

Christine Valters Painter is one of the most creative and visionary of spiritual directors with a meaningful online presence. Her website, Abbey of the Arts, functions as a sort of "cyber-cloister," a place of quiet presence and spiritual nurture where participants are invited to encounter God not only through the words and practices of contemplative spirituality, but also — and perhaps more significantly — through creative expression.Paintner understands what Evelyn Underhill declared a cen … [Read more...]

The Spirit of George and Jack

This past weekend I led a retreat at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit called "The Spirituality of George MacDonald and C. S. Lewis." Following Lewis's longstanding nickname, I affectionately referred to our topic as "The Spirit of George and Jack."Weekend retreats at the monastery typically include five conferences: one Friday evening, three on Saturday, and on one Sunday. Friday evening I gave a brief introduction to George MacDonald, generally regarded as the father of modern fantasy and … [Read more...]

Something of the Leisure of Eternity

The action of those whose lives are given to the Spirit has in it something of the leisure of Eternity; and because of this, they achieve far more than those whose lives are enslaved by the rush and hurry, the unceasing tick-tick of the world. Otherwise we tend to forget that God, Who is greater than our heart, is greater than our job too.— Evelyn Underhill, The Spiritual LifeI know I get caught up in the deadline syndrome: I have to get something done by a certain date or it won't happen. I … [Read more...]

Mapping the Journey

A reader of this blog writes: Do you assess yourself at what point you are on the mystical mountain.  Do the three stages and with them the two dark nights have any bearing on growth in love of man and God?  It seems at times that over self-analysis is like watching your feet while dancing.  The dancing becomes forced and clumsy. On the other hand, there might be a need for a ladder of ascent for novices.  Do most folks spend their life in the purgative stage with some moments in the unitive and … [Read more...]