Quote for the Day

The idea of memory was very important in Celtic spirituality. There are lovely prayers for different occasions. There are prayers for the hearth, for kindling the fire, and for smooring the  hearth. At night, the ashes were smoored over the burning coals, sealing off the air. The next morning the coals would still be alive and burning. There is also a lovely prayer for the hearth keepers that evokes St. Bridget, who was both a pagan Celtic goddess and a Christian saint. In herself, Bridget … [Read more...]

Feile Bríde

Happy St. Brigid's day, everyone! Or, to call it by its proper Irish name, Feile Bríde (the festival of Brigid). Since I'm trying to spend more time editing my book than updating this blog these days, I'll keep this brief: first, here's a couple of links to explore...A wonderful biography of Brigid, courtesy of St. Dunstan's Priory in Colorado; The Solas Bhríde (Light of Brigid) Center in Kildare, Ireland, where Brigidine sisters keep alive the saint's commitment to peace, justice, prayer, a … [Read more...]