Contemplative Practice and… Business Books?

Sometimes, I believe, the best books we can read to support our spiritual discipline are books that do not appear to be "spiritual" at all. Here's a case in point. I recently stumbled across a new line of business books by a fellow named Jim Randel; the series is called "the skinny on" — they're a bit high on the cutesy quotient, using stick figures (get the "skinny" pun?) and humor to build a narrative around the topic of each book. But they're quick reads, and present a straightforward a … [Read more...]

Iona Cottage

Last night I had a dream. The dream was set some 25 or so years from now: in it I am on the verge of being an elderly man, walking with a cane but otherwise alert and healthy. I was thinner than I am now (hooray!) with a shock of purely white hair. The dream begins with a car coming up a driveway to a small cottage; outside of the cottage is a sign that simply says "Iona Cottage." … [Read more...]