Questions of Balance

A woman named Rajie who has just read The Aspiring Mystic emailed me with these questions: I've prayed to god and the universe to help me find a mentor, teacher, friend, group, community...really anything...and although some opportunites have arisen, they just didn't feel right. Any suggestions? I really don't wanna go at this alone, I have so many questions and just really would love to bounce different ideas and thoughts off of another mind.How does one maintain/find a balance between … [Read more...]

Spirituality & The Aspiring Mystic

I have just finished a conversation with my literary agent, and I have wonderful news. My first two books, Spirituality and The Aspiring Mystic, both of which have been out of print for several years, have just been picked up by a new publisher that is specializing in reprinting books by living authors.Spirituality will come out first, hopefully within the next few months. It will feature a new foreword that I will be writing, new cover design, and probably a new sub-title (I never did like … [Read more...]