The Contemplative Story of Dear Prudence

"Dear Prudence" by Prudence Bruns

I love the Beatles, and like many Beatles fans, I think The White Album is one of their great masterpieces. And one of the best songs on The White Album is, without question, "Dear Prudence."But did you know that the song was influenced by the music of the Gypsies, Transcendental Meditation, and the daughter (and sister) of Hollywood celebrities?"Dear Prudence" was written in early 1968, when the Beatles were in India, while John and George were studying Transcendental Meditation with th … [Read more...]

The Beatles and the Book of Kells

Check out this video. It's plenty of fun in a postmodern sort of way. Apparently some teachers in Hawaii have been creating song paradies (à la Weird Al) that teach history. You can read about their efforts in this Washington Post Article: Learning the French Revolution with Lady Gaga: Teachers sing history lessonsOf course, the video that caught my eye teaches about the creation of the Book of Kells, set to the Beatles' Nowhere Man. Enjoy... … [Read more...]