Christian Mysticism Class at Evening at Emory begins October 13

There's still time to register for the Introduction to Christian Mysticism class being offered through the Evening at Emory program. Continuing education credit is available for this 5-week class. To register, click here. Here's the course description from the Emory website:Introduction to Christian MysticismEvening at EmoryHumanities and Cultural Studies The renowned twentieth century German theologian Karl Rahner said, “The Christian of the future will be a mystic or will not e … [Read more...]

The Big eBook of Christian Mysticism?

Amazon's announcement yesterday of several new versions of the Kindle, including a reader that retails for only $79 and their first color reader (for a mere $199), should convince even the most confirmed skeptic that not only are e-books here to stay, but that they will follow the path of the MP3, and only become increasingly popular as a reading format. My latest sales report for The Big Book of Christian Mysticism shows that e-book sales account for almost 25% of the book's total sales … [Read more...]

Thank you…

Thank you to Joann D. of Tucker, GA, who recently donated $32 to help me send copies of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism to two monasteries. Thanks to her generosity, today I'll be mailing copies of the book to St. Leo's Abbey in St. Leo's, Florida, and St. Vincent's Archabbey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.That brings us up to thirty-four monasteries, convents, and retreat centers where donated copies of the book have been sent. I'm asking the monasteries to please place the books in their … [Read more...]

Thank you for donating thirty books! More to come?

Thirty monasteries and convents have now received, or will soon receive, a free copy of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, thanks to the generous support of the readers of this blog! I truly appreciate everyone who has sent in a gift to assist in purchasing copies of the book (at cost), and mailing them to religious communities throughout the United States (and even as far away as the Czech Republic).Would you please consider giving a gift of $16 to pay for a book, at wholesale cost, and the … [Read more...]

The Mysticism Haters Have Found the Big Book!

I've mentioned Lighthouse Trails Research several times over the years on this blog. It's a sad and pathetic website, created by spiritually-wounded fundamentalist Christians who believe it is their duty to hate mysticism and contemplation and to "warn" others about the "dangers" associated with mystical and contemplative practice.Yes, I know "hate" is a strong word, but I also believe in stating things plainly: and the plain truth is that Lighthouse Trails Research is a spiritual hate site. … [Read more...]

The Big Book in the Book Clubs

The Big Book of Christian Mysticism has been picked up by two different book clubs. This is actually a rather interesting sign of how this book can speak to different audiences.It is my understanding that the first book club to include The Big Book of Christian Mysticism in its catalog was the One Spirit Book Club, which could be described as the "New Age" (or "Mind/Body/Spirit") book club. This is not terribly surprising, as I have had books in their catalog before (and, indeed, the last of … [Read more...]

A “Review in Process”

Arulba (who has at times commented here at this blog) is currently reading The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, and has blogged about it here. She's not finished with the book yet, so her post is a kind of "review in process." She has some interesting things to say, including critiquing some of the "goal-oriented" language I use when describing mysticism, as well as challenging the idea that Christian mysticism regards the unitive experience as communion rather than identification with God. She … [Read more...]