Lyra Skywalker

So we went to see The Golden Compass last night. And now I am more convinced than ever that Bill Donohue needs to get a life. The guy is worth millions of dollars but all he does is fuss about movies he doesn't like. Sheeesh.Granted, the word on the street is that The Golden Compass suffered the same fate as The Da Vinci Code: all of the most controversial elements in the book were disemboweled from the screenplay. Sure enough, the Magisterium comes across about as blandly sinister as the … [Read more...]

A (thoughtful) Christian review of The Golden Compass

My very wise (and talented) friend Joy Reid has written what is probably the most common-sensible review of The Golden Compass that I have yet come across, especially written by a practicing Christian. You can read it here. Her daughter's comment regarding people who are "easily influenced" by films is priceless. … [Read more...]