Cross Roads

I suppose it is fashionable, after an author has written an 18-million copy bestseller (as is boldly announced on the dust jacket of Cross Roads), to summarily pan whatever book the writer comes up with next. After all, lightning rarely strikes the same place twice, and unless you're writing about boy wizards or teen vampires, chances are you will not be responsible for multiple multi-million copy bestsellers, right? So a book like Cross Roads — the newly-released offering from Wm. Paul Young, au … [Read more...]

Back to the Shack

My friend (and bookstore colleague) Fr. Tom has discovered William Young's The Shack, and is now recommending it to everyone who will listen. I'm pleased to see that it has become a New York Times Bestseller. I pointed Fr. Tom to my own review — written almost a year ago now — and so I thought I'd dig it up again for newcomers to this blog.Click here to read my review of The Shack. … [Read more...]