“We are all called to mysticism”

Yesterday Zenit published an interesting interview with Carmelite father Luigi Borriello, a theology professor and Vatican official. Fr. Borriello is the co-director of the Vatican Publishing House's Dictionary of Mysticism. In this interview, he says "we are all called to sanctity and to mysticism. And the mystical experience is a call to witness."Read the full interview here: All Are Called to Mysticism … [Read more...]

The Vatican in the news

Mike Morrell has his ear to the ground (or, at least, his eyes on his keywords) and has brought to my attention several interesting news tidbits concerning the Vatican this week.First, we learn that Benedict XVI is interested in issuing a conciliatory statement about Martin Luther — while I wouldn't go so far as to believe the pope intends to "rehabilitate" the man who unleashed the Reformation, I do think this is a hopeful sign for future ecumenical dialogue. I suppose it took having a German … [Read more...]