Contemplative Practice and… Business Books?

Sometimes, I believe, the best books we can read to support our spiritual discipline are books that do not appear to be "spiritual" at all. Here's a case in point. I recently stumbled across a new line of business books by a fellow named Jim Randel; the series is called "the skinny on" — they're a bit high on the cutesy quotient, using stick figures (get the "skinny" pun?) and humor to build a narrative around the topic of each book. But they're quick reads, and present a straightforward a … [Read more...]

The Dharma of Time

Every day I want to do a number of things. I want to nurture my relationships with my family — and with God (and that means at least part of the Daily Office and contemplative prayer); I want to put in an honest day's work at the store; I want to post to this blog; I want to work on whatever writing project I have going on at the time; I want to do at least some reading (my monastic gadfly doesn't say I shouldn't read at all, just not as much as I tend to), and of course, there are the little b … [Read more...]

These days…

For some time now I have tried to post something to this blog every day. If on any particular day I felt no inspiration to hold forth (rant) on this or that topic of personal interest, I'd at least throw up a thoughtful quotation or a link to something of interest elsewhere on the web.Now I'm going to change this rhythm somewhat. No, I'm not going to go "on sabbatical" like I did in the first quarter of 2007, when I realized that I was thinking about my blog more as a marketing tool than as an … [Read more...]