My first Twitter review

The Big Book of Christian Mysticism has received its first (to my knowledge) review — on Twitter. It comes from the user @Tmason47 (disclosure: he's a friend), and here it is, verbatim: @mccolman I am enjoying the balances that you have struck with your Big Book, depth and brevity, seriousness and levity. Anyone else care to review it on Twitter (or Amazon, or anywhere else)? I hope you'll do so. If you do comment on the book on Twitter, please include this hashtag in your tweet: # … [Read more...]

Christian Mysticism on Twitter

Okay, folks, tell all your friends... I've created a "Twitter Twibe" (yes, I know Noah Webster is rolling over in his grave) for those interested in Christian Mysticism. If you're using Twitter, please join it... you can follow me on Twitter as well: … [Read more...]

I’ve become Twitterpated…

I'm on Twitter now: if you're on Twitter too, let me know! … [Read more...]