This Weekend: from the Mountains to the Inner City

If you live in North Georgia, I hope I'll see you at one or both of these events this weekend.Saturday I'll be leading a day-retreat at Holy Family Episcopal Church in Jasper, Georgia, in the beautiful north Georgia mountains. Our theme is Contemplation and Emergence. I'm very excited about the combination of poetry, storytelling, lectio, silence and sharing that will encompass our time together as we explore how an ancient practice (contemplation) remains relevant today (emergence). We gather … [Read more...]

Register now for the Evelyn Underhill Conference: February 19, 2011

Awakening in God's Love: Exploring the Christian Spirituality of Evelyn UnderhillSaturday, February 19, 2011 8:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church 1790 LaVista Rd., Atlanta, GA 30329Acclaimed as one of the greatest spiritual writers of the twentieth century,  Evelyn Underhill recovered the rich heritage of Christian mysticism and interpreted it for ordinary people as the spiritual life -- life lived from the center, where one is anchored in God.In the year 2011, we … [Read more...]

A Few Upcoming Events…

A reminder to my friends in Atlanta, GA and Portland, OR: we have some exciting events coming up in October. I'll begin the month with a weekend event devoted to Christian mysticism and contemplative spirituality here in Atlanta, and then carry the party across the country at the end of October. Hope to see you either here or there.To register for the Atlanta weekend, call 770.939.4358 during business hours, Monday-Friday. To register for the Portland weekend, call 503.504.3827 during business … [Read more...]

Mark Your Calendars…

For my Atlanta area friends: I'll be out and about quite a bit over the next few months, promoting my book (but, more importantly, talking about Christian mysticism). Several churches and bookstores have invited me to come speak and sign books. A few additional events are still in the works. While some events (such as the Evening at Emory Class or the Spirituality Conference at First Christian Church) have a fee attached to them, others are free. Here are four such events you might want to put … [Read more...]

A Recap of my Upcoming Events

One of the fun things about having a book come out is that there will be a number of events coming up related to the book (i.e., concerning Christian mysticism). So, here's a quick preview of events that are on the calendar, as well as a few that don't have dates pinned down yet, but will probably be firmed up in the near future. Some of these events (like the Portland weekend) have already been announced, but I'm putting them all here for the sake of being comprehensive.June 3-5: Writing … [Read more...]

Live, Laugh, Love

I have been asked to lead a retreat at the Guesthouse of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in September. The person who originally was in charge of the retreat is unable to lead it, and so I have inherited it. It is called "Live, Laugh, Love" and it sounds like it will be tremendous fun. Here is the write-up for the retreat, as it appears on the Monastery's Website:Live, Laugh, Love September 13-16, 2010 The Live, Laugh, Love Retreat is a Celebration — celebrating our relationship with God. It i … [Read more...]

What’s Up…

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of this blog to bring you a few notes about what's up in the life of your humble blogger.I'm currently reviewing and responding to the copy-edits of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism. This process will continue until February 10, when the manuscript is due back on my editor's desk. From there the book will go to the designers, who will do the layout; copies will be mailed out to potential endorsers and early reviewers. I'll review the book one … [Read more...]