Watching this makes me think I’m under-utilizing my iPad

Here's an interesting little bit of hi-tech Christmas cheer from North Point Community Church, a megachurch located here in the Atlanta area. … [Read more...]

Just for fun…

Here's a little promotional video that the good folks at Paraclete Press put together. Have fun...If you want to order a copy of the The Lion, the Mouse and the Dawn Treader, click here. … [Read more...]

Talking about mysticism on Youtube

Recently I was interviewed by Peter Wallace, who is the host of the Day1 radio show and website. The interview was filmed and has now been published on Youtube. Here are the videos (it has been separated into three parts): … [Read more...]

Two More Guitar Videos

If you enjoyed the video of "Here Comes the Sun" that I posted the other day, here are two more from my friend Sean Robert Ramuno — especially for all you Allman Brothers and Moody Blues fans. Happy listening! … [Read more...]

Lost Generation? I don’t think so!

This is quite cool. Thanks to my friend Alessa for pointing me to it.Be sure to watch/listen to the entire video; it's less than two minutes long. … [Read more...]


Since a few days ago I wrote about how mysticism is like a snail, I thought readers of this blog might find this video amusing. … [Read more...]