Support the Goddess Mural


I’ve had the privilege of worshipping and speaking at herchurch in San Francisco a couple of times in recent years.  It’s a creative community committed to celebrating the divine presence “through many names and metaphors,” particularly those that are female: “We are a diverse community, standing firmly within the Christian tradition in order to re-image [Read More...]

Seriously, Where’s Jesus?


A friend and local business owner posted this picture with a half-furious comment on Facebook yesterday:  “Seriously?! Who steals Jesus?!”  The baby Jesus had been stolen from one of the nativity scenes on display in her very lovely fair trade store, Just Good Trade: The comments that followed from her creative and wise friends were [Read More...]

Can a Story Make You Believe in God?

So, can a story make you believe in God? Note:  In this post, I take up a central question posed by the framing of Life of Pi.  If you don’t want to know how it ends yet, read this post after you read the book or see the movie. “So tell me, since it makes [Read More...]

Does Gratitude Require God?


In his book Living Buddha, Living Christ, Thich Nhat Hanh relates an episode in a section titled “To Be Grateful.” “During a conference on religion and peace, a Protestant minister came up to me toward the end of one of our meals together and said, ‘Are you a grateful person?’  I was surprised.  I was [Read More...]

Transgender Awareness Week 2012


Last week, at the annual meeting of Lutheran Women in Theological and Religious Studies at the AAR/SBL, I talked about how transgender activism and queer theory needs to be more a part of our theological reflections on what it means to be a woman.  Here’s some of what I said, framed and informed by the [Read More...]

Notes from an AAR


The American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature continue their annual meetings today and tomorrow in Chicago.  I’ve already returned home (to be back in the classroom!) from two full days of meetings and sessions and conversations, so I thought I’d share a glimpse into this theologian’s time there. On Friday, I wrote [Read More...]

“For I Am With You”

What if the fundamental problem that we need to work to overcome, that embedded flaw at the core of being human, isn’t mortality? Consider all the ways that we struggle mightily to overcome our mortality – to extend life, transcend our physical limitations, care for others’ most basic physical needs for food and shelter.  Sometimes [Read More...]

Pussy Riot = Feminism + Religion + Russia


I’ve been wanting to read more about the content of Pussy Riot’s protest at the altar of Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral for some time, and finally got around to this piece by Jeffrey Tayler in The Atlantic.  I might be accused of liking irreverent feminist protests of religion a little too much, having thrilled [Read More...]

Now What? Work to be Done


I’m happy to share two responses to the inevitable days-after-the-election question:  Now What? The first is from Kim Moore (fellow participant in the Faith and Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute at the Center for American Progress, pictured here with me and two other fab women near the White House in September) who posted the following yesterday over [Read More...]

Get Your Faitheist Now!


A few weeks ago I wrote a longer review of Chris Stedman’s captivating new book, Faitheist: How An Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious.  To celebrate  it’s official release this week, I wanted to re-post some of what I said: Chris Stedman has written the book I didn’t know I needed to read.  … [Read More...]