Words for Justice, Songs for Worship

My friend and colleague Rev. Jann Aldredge-Clanton has just published a new book titled Earth Transformed with Music! Inclusive Songs for Worship. I’ve written about and shared some of her work here on this blog before. I asked Jann a few questions about her new book. 1. Tell us why you put together this collection [Read More…]

At The Intersections: Justice & the Divine Female

Many good people live and work at the intersections, and I occasionally invite someone to tell a story from where they stand. Today’s piece comes from Rev. Jann Aldredge-Clanton, whose musical work I have shared on this blog from time to time over the years. Jann is an ordained minister, author, teacher, and chaplain. She currently serves [Read More…]

It’s Just Church (with a response)

I wrote the following commentary which was published last week in my local newspaper, the Jacksonville Journal-Courier, and picked up the following day by the Alton Telegraph.  A letter to the editor responding to it appeared this week … see it, along with my reply, below. Something new is happening in Jacksonville that is actually [Read More…]

Our Voices: “My Painful Visitations”

This summer, I’ll be sharing a series of short personal stories from the Our Voices, Our Stories booklet published by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Justice for Women program.  It is available in full on the program’s website, and is described thus: “Rooted in the gospel, truth-telling is a part of all social change, [Read More…]

A Healing Priestess, ‘Changing Church’

Around Christmas, I shared some of the creative work that Jann Aldredge-Clanton has done with Christian hymns and inclusive, female-centered language and images for the divine.  I also want to share one in her series of profiles of remarkable faith leaders who are, in her words, “changing church.”  In her book of the same name, [Read More…]

Getting Theological: Church

Theologizing about church is, for me, sort of like theorizing about family.  Something to be done with hesitance and great care.  Nevertheless, in this, the fifth in my series of posts “Getting Theological,” I write about the institution, the idea, the place, and the tradition that is church. As someone who grew up being taken [Read More…]