It’s Racism, Stupid

I’ll let actual Republicans do the full post-mortems on their collective failures in the 2012 election, and just say one thing here:  It’s not about a failure to communicate conservatism, or even a bad candidate.  It’s about a fundamental worldview that privileges whiteness over all other races. It doesn’t matter if the party dresses itself [Read More…]

Presidential Faith: When Difference Matters

Does a candidate’s faith matter? Judging from voters in recent years, and in the 2012 election cycle, the answer is yes, especially if you think it’s sufficiently different. Last year, over at, I was inspired by a question from a former student: “So I was trying to remember what we talked about in class [Read More…]

47 Percent: It’s About Us

Of the many analyses of the 47% of Americans who are dependent on government programs or benefits, or not paying taxes at any one time, the most meaningful one to me is that this is not a fixed group of people.  It’s not the same people year to year.  And at one point in time, [Read More…]

RomneyRyanObamaBiden ~ Religion & Politics Overload

Now that the two presidential tickets are set, the number of things to talk about in terms of religion and this election has exponentially grown. A Biden-Ryan debate. Catholic showdown of timely proportions, with two men who present two very different visions of an American Catholic in the twenty-first century.  As Paul Raushenbush put it, [Read More…]

Afraid of What?

Mitt Romney’s political ad released today, “Be Not Afraid” states that “President Obama has declared war on religion by forcing religious institutions to go against their faith.” This is false.     The Affordable Care Act makes no demands on houses of worship.  No demands on religious institutions like hospitals, charities, colleges, and universities.  Period.  [Read More…]