Getting Theological: Sin

I’m getting back to my series of posts in which I “Get Theological” with the range of topics common in Christian systematic theology.  In case you missed any, so far I’ve written about God, being human, Jesus as Christ, remember Sabbath, church, and the bible.  This post focuses on the Christian claims about fundamental flaws [Read More…]

Why Incarnation?

“The Lutheran maxim that the finite bears the infinite (finitum capax infiniti) is an incarnational and sacramental summary of this good news. Indeed the good news of Christmas is that the Word is born into the flesh of all creation.”  This statement frames my answer to the latest #progGOD question:  Why an Incarnation?  What does [Read More…]

Getting Theological: The Bible

If you’ve been reading the series of posts in which I “get theological,” then you might have noticed that I use and reference the bible sparingly.  A commenter on my very first post, on God, noted this immediately, saying that there “isn’t a whole of of scripture or Christ in your brief analysis.”  True enough.  [Read More…]

Getting Theological: Church

Theologizing about church is, for me, sort of like theorizing about family.  Something to be done with hesitance and great care.  Nevertheless, in this, the fifth in my series of posts “Getting Theological,” I write about the institution, the idea, the place, and the tradition that is church. As someone who grew up being taken [Read More…]

Getting Theological: Jesus as Christ

In a comment responding to my first post in this series, Getting Theological, someone gently chastised me for not talking enough about Jesus or the bible.  I’m sure that what I have to say about Jesus (and the bible) won’t satisfy some people either. I’ll write more about my view and use of the bible [Read More…]

Getting Theological: Being Human

This is the second in my series of posts “Getting Theological.”  The first, on God, was in direct response to Tony Jones’ challenge to progressive theo-bloggers to do more theology in public. Like my other post, I frame this one with words that help me articulate what I believe it means to be human.  The [Read More…]

Getting Theological: God

So I missed Tony Jones’ deadline.  His open invitation to progressive bloggers said in part: “Progressive/liberal/mainline theology, on the other hand, has a PR problem. We might think that people know what we think about God, but they don’t. It’s clear in the comments on this blog and elsewhere. … Thus, I have a challenge:  [Read More…]