SCOTUS Ruling on Care & Compassion for All Women

A few months ago, I got an email from a reader who said she grew up conservative Christian, though now considered herself progressive and a feminist. The abortion issue still vexed her. She asked me this: Q:  I have been having a cognitive issue with abortion rights.  I am fervently pro-women and consider myself a [Read More…]

Feminist Seder Prayers for Reproductive Justice

As Jews around the world begin marking Passover, The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice has shared a series of Seder prayers that lift up women’s journey toward freedom and struggles against oppression.  This “collaborative compendium of reproductive justice Passover readings” was put together in partnership with Jewish Women International, the National Council of Jewish Women, [Read More…]

Thank You, Abortion Providers

Sunday, March 10, was National Thank An Abortion Provider Day.  I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Willie Parker last year in Washington, D.C., at the Center for American Progress, and wanted to share this short video of him accepting the Moody-Patterson Award for Leadership in Reproductive Justice.  It was presented by the Religious Coalition [Read More…]

Religious Freedom Is For Everyone

What’s wrong – and right – with the role of faith in American politics today?  It is wrong that the mantle of religious freedom is being carried by a small minority of leaders who are actually interested in protecting their own ability to impose their religious ideology on others. Here’s how I put it in [Read More…]

Debate Bingo With AAUW, Amnesty USA, & RCRC

Three of my favorite organizations have challenged us all to Presidential Debate Bingo … to make your debate watching party more fun, and perhaps to dissuade Presidential Debate Drinking Games.  (But who’s to say one couldn’t do both?!) The basic questions:  Will the candidates address these issues?  Will issues that matter to you even get [Read More…]

Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom

One of the best things about participating in the Faith and Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute at The Center for American Progress this year has been working with people involved in organizations doing amazing work at this intersection. One of them is the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, which I’ve written about previously.  I was particularly [Read More…]

Pro-Faith and Pro-Choice: NARAL & RCRC

A joint statement issued today by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, illustrating how one can in fact be pro-faith and pro-choice: NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford, and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice issued a joint statement today about the offensive remarks made recently by Congressman Todd Akin. [Read More…]