Writing the Sabbath: Plans and Invitations

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about anticipating my upcoming sabbatical.  If you haven’t read that, I invite you go back to it and do so.  Today, it’s officially one week and three days away!  (But, who’s counting…) As I said at the end of that reflection on the seasonal and theological purpose of [Read More…]

Rites of Passage: Sabbatical as Sabbath

The first spring I spent in Chicago after two years of living in southern California was magical. Do you know how brilliant the first green grass is after a long snowy winter? Having grown up in South Dakota I was and am intimately familiar with dramatic season changes.  But something about having been out of [Read More…]

Getting Theological: Remember Sabbath

It was right after I’d submitted the final manuscript proofs to the publisher for my third book, Feminism and Christianity, that I admitted to my Facebook friends that I was antsy without a big book project.  Wondering what was next.  Feeling adrift.  My friend Krista simply commented,  “Remember sabbath.” Oh.  Yeah.  That sounds familiar. Sabbath.  [Read More…]