Who Are The Women?

In the middle of a really good piece titled “The Reproductive Injustice and the ‘War on Women’ or, An Ode to the Intersections” Eesha Pandit at the Crunk Feminist Collective writes a stunningly important paragraph: Who, we must ask, are the “women” in the “war on women” that many feminist organizations are decrying? Are they [Read More…]

The War on Black Women

Higher Heights for America, an organization working “to expand and support Black women’s leadership pipeline at all levels and strengthen their civic participation,” has published a new report, “Black Women’s Response to the War on Women.”  Lest anyone think that the war on women isn’t real, is only about reproductive rights, or is only about [Read More…]

The Myth of Male Religious Power?

Stephanie Coontz is spot-on in her analysis of “The Myth of Male Decline” in the September 29 New York Times: Several of the authors of [recent] books posit that we are on the verge of a “new majority of female breadwinners,” where middle-class wives lord over their husbands while demoralized single men take refuge in [Read More…]