Continue in the Word, Church Fathers: Day 365

Continue in the WordIt’s not enough just to listen to what Christ teaches us, says St. Augustine: we have to continue in the word—to keep living it all the time. Even if that’s hard work, think what a great reward we’re working for: to know the truth!You certainly know, dear friends, that we all have one Master, and we are fellow disciples under him. I’m not your master, just because I speak to you from this elevated place. He who dwells in us all is the Master of all.“If you contin … [Read more...]

See what God has done for you, Church Fathers Day: 364

See what God has done for youNothing in us deserved what God has done for us, says St. Hilary of Poitiers. The Son of God, through whom all things were made, actually took on human flesh through Mary and became one of us.The Virgin, the birth, the Body, then the Cross, the death, the visit to the lower world—these things are our salvation. For the sake of mankind the Son of God was born of the Virgin and of the Holy Spirit. In this process he served him­self; by his own power—the power … [Read more...]

Imitate Mary’s modesty, Church Fathers: Day 363

Imitate Mary’s modestySt. Ambrose holds up Mary as an example of modesty. She spent her time alone with Scripture, and instead of being proud to be chosen by God she became even more humble.When the angel entered, Mary was found at home in privacy, without a companion, so that no one might interrupt her attention or disturb her. She did not desire any women as companions, because she had the companionship of good thoughts. In fact, she seemed to herself to be less alone when she was a … [Read more...]

Learn from Mary how to live, Church Fathers: Day 362

Learn from Mary how to liveGod sees us on the inside, but the outside is all other people can judge. The way we present ourselves should convey an image of the soul inside. As St. Ambrose tells us, there is no better example to follow than the Virgin Mary.The first thing that inspires enthusiasm in learning is the greatness of the teacher. Who is greater than the Mother of God? Who is more glorious than the one whom Glory itself chose? Who is more chaste than the one who bore a body … [Read more...]

Honor the virginity of Mary, Church Fathers: Day 361

Honor the virginity of MaryIn this well-known passage, Origen talks about the “brothers of Jesus” men­tioned in the Gospels. Taking careful note of both Scripture and Tradition, Ori­gen concludes that the perpetual virginity of Mary is the most reasonable belief.Now those who say this (that the “brothers of Jesus” were not sons of Mary) wish to preserve the honor of Mary in virginity to the end, so that that body of hers which was appointed to minister to the Word who said, “The Holy Sp … [Read more...]

Honor Mary in Christ’s flesh, Church Fathers: Day 360

Honor Mary in Christ’s fleshSome heretical Christians said that Christ took nothing from Mary when he was conceived in her. St. Irenaeus says those people are badly mistaken. It was Mary’s human nature that made Christ truly human enough to be hungry, tired, or grieving.Those who suppose that Christ took nothing from the Virgin are badly mistaken. In order to cast away the inheritance of the flesh, they also reject the analogy between Christ and Adam.And his descent into Mary would … [Read more...]