CBB Review – Little Lamb Finds Christmas

The Advent season is the time of year when children pull out their favorite Christmas books in anticipation of the arrival of Christmas Day. When it comes to those books some of them are ones they return to year after year. Cathy Gilmore has written one such book that I believe will become one of those titles. Little Lamb Finds Christmas is good enough to be a classic.Cathy writes about the Lemi the lamb who has become separated from his shepherd and flock. Like any good shepherd, Sha-baa … [Read more...]

CBB Review – The End of the Fiery Sword: Adam & Eve and Jesus & Mary

Typology is the study of the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament. The events, people and statements in the Old Testament are viewed as pre-figuring the events, people and statements in the New Testament. As Saint Augustine states “The New Testament lies hidden in the Old, and the Old is unveiled in the New.” This can become a pretty involved and deep study so I was pretty intrigued to see a children’s book that dealt with typology. The End of the Fiery Sword: Adam & Eve and … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Jesus Sees Us Book and Doll set

Jesus Sees Us is a two-in-one pack for kids. Included are, first and foremost a doll of Jesus. The doll will easily become your child’s companion. Though this may sound bad, my youngest three had a few moments of “sibling rivalry” as to which would get to play with Jesus first. The doll is constructed with a soft body, hard hands, feet and head. The head is oversized and has an inviting smile. The doll’s design is intentionally made as welcoming to children so that, in combination with the storie … [Read more...]

CBB Review – The Life of Saint Benedict

If you are looking for quality children’s books on the saints there are numerous options to choose from. The main things most people look for are illustrations that will draw kids into the story as well as a story that will maintain their attention. The Life of Saint Benedict by Brother John McKenzie, O.S.B. fits that bill nicely.Author Brother John McKenzie is a Benedictine Monk from the Monks of Norcia, Italy. Being a Benedictine makes him the perfect candidate to write this book on his sp … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Angel in the Waters

Laura is back with a review of another great book for the little ones.Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman with pictures by Ben Hatke is a best-selling book that has been in paperback since 2004. Recently, Sophia Institute Press has proudly released its hardcover 10th anniversary edition. This is a beautiful book that children will just absolutely love. They cannot help but be drawn into it because it is a story of themselves! It is the story of the beginning of every human life - a life … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Adventures in Assisi: On The Path with St. Francis

Author Amy Welborn and illustrator Ann Engelhart have teamed up once again for another children's book worth checking out. Adventures in Assisi: On the Path with St. Francis joins cousins Gianna and Lorenzo as they spend the day touring Assisi with their uncle, Brother Antonio. He takes the two young children throughout the city to see many sites . At the end of the book your child will have discovered numerous places of significance in the life of St. Francis.They visit the chapel where … [Read more...]