Experience the Eucharist through the eyes of the early church

One of the main things that separate us Catholics from our Christian brethren is the Eucharist. Non-Catholics have varying beliefs in what communion means for them. As Catholics, we firmly believe in the Real Presence and that what we are receiving at communion is the actual body and bluff of Jesus Christ. In his new book Around the Table: Retelling the Story of the Eucharist through the Eyes of Jesus' First Followers Scott Hurd reveals exactly why the Eucharist is so important in our daily … [Read more...]

Enrich your knowledge of the Mother of God

Don’t know much about Mary? Maybe you have a great devotion to Mary, but you still have a lot of questions? The Church has been quite clear in her teachings and dogma in which the teach the faithful the importance of Mary and her role as Mother of God. These teachings and tradition have spanned the churches 2000-year history and can be hard to piece together for the average person. In his latest book Behold Your Mother - A Biblical and Historical Defense of the Marian Doctrines, Tim Staples c … [Read more...]

Help kids prepare for Sunday Mass with the Mass Box!

UPDATE 4.16.17: As I write this update Easter Sunday is winding down. I must share this with you. Our youngest girls Annie and Maggie asked to attend every Mass and service during the Triduum. Holy Thursday, Good Friday AND the longer Easter Vigil Mass. Why is this something to write about? Well Laura and I directly attribute this to the Mass Box. The crafts and interactive questions discussed below made them interested in the week's activities. In fact they both are gaining a better … [Read more...]

Explore the miraculous

What are miracles and why does God make them happen? Do they hold any importance for us today? How can we tell if something is a legitimate miracle or not? Did God put that image of Jesus in your pancake at breakfast this morning or was that just your imagination working overtime? All these questions and more are answered in the book Miracles (20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers Book 18) by Karlo Broussard. The booklet is part of a 20 booklet set from Catholic Answers called conveniently … [Read more...]

How men can reclaim their lives for Christ through the beatitudes

Men today are facing a crisis. Each day we are faced with a culture that minimizes our roles as fathers. This does have to be the case however. We must learn to cast aside what society tells them they should be and instead, embrace their faith and become the fathers God wants them to be. “God has a plan to transform you into the father you are meant to be through his love and grace.” Greg Popcak has written a book that shows men exactly how to accomplish this in BeDADitudes: 8 Ways to Be an Awe … [Read more...]

A look into the life and writings of Pope Benedict XVI

The world was shocked when Pope Benedict XVI announced that he was abdicating the seat of Peter on February 11, 2013. The Catholic community and many outside of it took a collective breath wandering what this meant for the Church and the world. Four years later we now know that the beloved Pope Benedict has committed himself to prayer in service to the Church and her faithful. The story of this humble man who now simply wishes to be called Father Benedict is told by James Day in his new book … [Read more...]