CBB Review – Liturgy and Personality

If you have never heard the name Dietrich von Hildebrand or had the opportunity to read one of his books, you are missing out on the thought of one of the leading Catholic philosophers of the 20th century. You also may not realize than he was one of the first in Germany to challenge Hitler and his concept of National Socialism that eventually morphed into Nazism. That topic was covered extensively in the book  My Battle Against Hitler: Faith, Truth, and Defiance in the Shadow of the Third Reich … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Praying the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare

Many of us may have a sense of something not being quite right with the world today. We see news reports filled daily with acts of violence, terrorism, crime, political corruption, and attacks on human life at nearly all stages. To put it simply we are at war and the war we are engaged in is on the spiritual level. Father Dwight Longenecker recognizes this and arms the faithful with a weapon to go into battle with. That weapon is his latest book Praying the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare.Our … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Sacred Reading: The 2017 Guide to Daily Prayer

Review by Julie AbellI really enjoy books that can keep my eyes and heart focused on Jesus and this one does just that.  Sacred Reading: The 2017 Guide to Daily Prayer by Douglas Leonard, the Executive Director of Apostleship of Prayer, allows the reader to delve into the “powerful, ancient form of prayer known as sacred reading (lectio divina) that invites communion with God through scripture reading and contemplation.”  Throughout the entire Church year the reader is presented daily with a … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Resisting Happiness

Matthew Kelly seems to churn books out at will. The key is each of these books is good…very good and carry their own unique message. In his latest, Resisting Happiness, Matthew Kelly once more opens our minds and our hearts and causes readers to reassess where they are at in their faith journey.In the first chapter he says: “The hardest war to win is one you don’t even realize you are fighting. And the hardest enemy to defeat is the one you don’t even know exists. Every day you are at war wit … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Faith Under Fire

Review by Julie AbellWho doesn’t love a good story?  Everyone loves a good story.  That is probably one of the reasons we scour the internet daily, quickly glancing over an article to see if a good story exists in it.  Or is that just me?  Regardless, I am here to tell you about the book I picked up to read - Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage by Matthew Archbold.  The title alone grabbed me and pulled me to the book (and couch) and had me devouring it in one evening … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Called to Teach: Daily Inspiration for Catholic Educators

As a teacher, Justin McClain knows what it means to be Called to Teach, and his “Daily Inspirations” truly are inspirational! This book is for all teachers, staff and administrators…and anyone else who works with Catholic children of all ages. It provides short bursts of daily inspiration so that even the busiest teacher has time to take a quick read each day. But the daily messages – reflections on scripture- are deep and long lasting, meant to be pondered as well as incorporated into the classr … [Read more...]