CBB Review – The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

We likely have all heard of them, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Did you know that they play a critical role in our times today? We find ourselves in a struggle with the society we live in. A society which tells us to put ourselves first. A society that attempts to marginalize the Church and her beliefs. Dr. Kevin Vost provides readers with a guide on these seven gifts and how to effectively incorporate them into our lives in his latest book The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Every … [Read more...]

Resources for your 2017 Lenten journey

 Lent is a time for reflection and growth in our spiritual lives. Every Lent there are some book choices to help us along this forty-day journey. This Lent there are two books in particular that are well suited for your daily reflection use. The first is Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta: Daily Meditations by Heidi Hess Saxton who brings readers to a greater understanding of mercy and love. The second, The Hope of Lent: Daily Reflections from Pope Francis by Diane Houdek utilizes … [Read more...]

The Apostasy That Wasn’t

CBB Review of The Apostasy That Wasn’t: The Extraordinary Story of the Unbreakable Early Church by Rod Bennett.There is a little piece of early church history that is misconstrued to the point that Protestants often use it to question the legitimacy of the Roman Catholic Church. The event is what has become known as The Great Apostasy. Rod Bennett does an exceptional job of bringing this story to life in his latest book The Apostasy That Wasn't: The Extraordinary Story of the Unbreakable … [Read more...]

Combining two prayers into one powerful resource

CBB Review - Marrying the Rosary to the Divine Mercy Chaplet: A Fusion of Meditation and IntercessionTwo of the most well-known prayers in the Catholic Church are the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. On their own, each is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and a solid foundation to any prayer life. What if you combined the two? Shane Kapler has done exactly that in his new book Marrying the Rosary to the Divine Mercy Chaplet: A Fusion of Meditation and Intercession. If you thought … [Read more...]

CBB Review: Racketeer for Life

Joseph Scheidler is an important figure in the pro-life movement. If you have never heard of him, than you are missing out on a key part of the last 40 years of pro-life activism. Joe is the founder and National Director of the Pro-Life Action League. He has been can the godfather of pro-life activism and now you can read his story in his new book Racketeer for Life: Fighting the Culture of Death from the Sidewalk to the Supreme Court.Whether you find yourself an active participant of the … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Help for Suffering Humanity: Mary Help of Christians

They say good things come in small packages. I’d like to add that powerful books come in small page counts. Such is the case with a book I recently read called Help for Suffering Humanity: Mary, Help of Christians by the Rosary Doctor, Brian Kiczek. What he has done to promote the numerous ways in which the Blessed Virgin Mary has helped, and continues to help mankind in just a short 75 pages is nothing short of remarkable.He leads the book off with a great chapter on exactly how Mary became … [Read more...]