CBB Review – Faith Under Fire

Review by Julie AbellWho doesn’t love a good story?  Everyone loves a good story.  That is probably one of the reasons we scour the internet daily, quickly glancing over an article to see if a good story exists in it.  Or is that just me?  Regardless, I am here to tell you about the book I picked up to read - Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage by Matthew Archbold.  The title alone grabbed me and pulled me to the book (and couch) and had me devouring it in one evening … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Called to Teach: Daily Inspiration for Catholic Educators

As a teacher, Justin McClain knows what it means to be Called to Teach, and his “Daily Inspirations” truly are inspirational! This book is for all teachers, staff and administrators…and anyone else who works with Catholic children of all ages. It provides short bursts of daily inspiration so that even the busiest teacher has time to take a quick read each day. But the daily messages – reflections on scripture- are deep and long lasting, meant to be pondered as well as incorporated into the classr … [Read more...]

CBB News – Mother Teresa: Carrier of Mercy

My new book!You read that right. After nearly four years here at The Catholic Book Blogger promoting books every week, I now have one of my own. Before we talk about the book I thought you may be interested in how it developed.A few months ago, I met an inspiring husband and wife from Europe named Nace and Silva Volcic. They had a good life. No financial worries. Plenty of food. A nice home. Reliable transportation. They also had something else. A feeling that something wasn’t right in t … [Read more...]

CBB Review: Letters to My Lord

Review by Michele CraigDuring his last days on earth, as he was lying in a hospital bed dying from cancer, Daniel A. Lord, SJ decided to write a few letters…to our Lord. Editor Thomas Gavin, SJ explains. “While doing research for a biography of Father Lord, I came across an intimate, personal document that he wrote in a St. Louis hospital during his last retreat. On the second day of his retreat he was told that he had terminal cancer. He called this document Letters to My Lord, and that is e … [Read more...]

CBB Review: CSS Study – Luke: The Gospel of Mercy

When I first heard the news that Catholic Scripture Study International was going to be going under the umbrella of Saint Benedict Press I was anxious to see what this meant for their already superb bible studies. Well the wait is over and our questions are answered as the first bible study has been released under this new partnership. Luke: The Gospel of Mercy is the title of the study and it is fantastic!The study can be purchased in a Group Leader pack. This consists of Leader Guide, … [Read more...]

CBB Review: Who Does He Say You Are?

Review by Michele CraigThe Velveteen Rabbit written by Margery Williams was published in 1922. That was 37 years before I was born, yet somehow Margery wrote that book for me. Before I could even read, I constantly begged my Grandmother to read that book to me….over and over and over again. I am not sure how much of it I actually understood, but that was not the point. The book- Margery Williams- understood me.Now- today- I have found my new Velveteen Rabbit…another book written spe … [Read more...]