CBB Review: Redeemed by Grace

Review by Julie AbellI picked up this book to read, Redeemed by Grace: A Catholic Woman’s Journey to Planned Parenthood and Back, because I needed to try to understand what goes through the head of someone who works at Planned Parenthood.  I needed to hear what made them decide that it was a wholesome place to work.  Ramona Trevino was just the person to enlighten me and then she answered my next question which was “What makes them leave?”This book is actually a memoir of Ramona’s life.  … [Read more...]

CBB Review: Deep Adventure

It is likely that at some point in our lives we learned about the seven virtues: justice, temperance, prudence, fortitude, faith, hope and love. We may know of them but how well do we really KNOW them? There is a huge difference between simply knowing   about something and living what we know. In his new book Deep Adventure: The Way of Heroic Virtue, World Champion surfer, certified ninja black belt and EWTN radio host Bear Woznick explores these virtues and offers advice on how to develop them i … [Read more...]

CBB Review: Live Today Well

Review by Michele CraigFr. Thomas F. Daily, O.S.F.S (Oblate of St. Francis de Sales) has taken St. Francis de Sales’s classic The Devout Life and made it user friendly!  I began reading The Devout Life about two years ago and struggled to apply it to my everyday life, but Fr. Thomas has mastered that task beautifully in Live Today Well: St. Francis de Sales's Simple Approach to Holiness.To live well, Fr. Thomas explains: “...St. Francis de Sales considers the ordinary, everyday expe … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Summer Meditations

Just a few short months ago I shared with you a little seasonal meditation book by Father John Bartunek called Spring Meditations. Just as surely as we went from spring to summer we also have another book in the series. Summer Meditations is your twelve week companion through the season of summer and like its spring counterpart this little book is a deep source for renewal.This book offers twelve weekly meditations, one for each week of the season, just like the spring volume. This time … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Meet Your Spiritual Father

Review by Michele CraigMark Miravalle begins his book Meet Your Spiritual Father: A Brief Introduction to St. Joseph by sharing the importance of St. Joseph as a key intercessor in our lives. He explains from his personal experience that “ At the greatest times and also the most trying times of my life, St. Joseph has been there as the “Mirror of Patience,” the “Terror of Demons,” and the “Glory of Home Life,” making up for my failings through his most generous and powerful intercession. From … [Read more...]

CBB Review: The Storm: A Time of Mercy, Choices and Hope

In his book The Storm: A Time of Mercy, Choices and Hope, author James A. Toups recalls the various challenges and storms (figurative and sometimes literal) in his life that have made him the man he is today. The book is more than simply a journey through his own life however. James' storms (challenges) in life are relative to us all. I'm certain as you read this book you will find some familiar situations.“Within the covers of this book are memories that give glimpses of the world through t … [Read more...]