Church Fathers, Day 325: Aphrahat tell us the resurrection is easy for God

The resurrection is easy for GodDoes the resurrection of the dead seem strangely unlikely? Well, of course, says Aphrahat—God’s miracles should seem marvelous to us. But it’s no big deal for God, who has done much more marvelous things.Concerning then this resurrection of the dead, dear friends, according to my power I will instruct you.From the beginning God created Adam—molded him from the dust of the earth, and raised him up. Now if, while Adam did not exist, (God) made him from … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day 322: Aphrahat says know the resurrection by the proofs

Know the resurrection by the proofsGod didn’t just tell us that the resurrection would happen, says Aphrahat. He has proved that he can raise the dead by numerous resurrections in history, witnessed by reliable witnesses.And it was not only in words, dear friends, that God said, “I make the dead live,” but also in deeds he showed it to us by many testimonies, so that we might have no hesitation in believing it.He showed it beforehand plainly; for through Elijah a wonder was mani­ … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day 315: Aphrahat says live like a visitor to this world

Live like a visitor to this worldIf we remember that we must die and move on, says Aphrahat, we will live like visitors to this world, not regarding anything in it as permanently ours.The sons of peace remember death; and they forsake and remove from them wrath and enmity. As visitors they live in this world, and prepare for them­selves a provision for the journey before them. On that which is above they set their thoughts, on that which is above they meditate; and those things that … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day 314: Aphrahat say remember death, and live

Remember death, and liveWhen you pile up earthly wealth and plunder your neighbors, says Aphrahat, you are forgetting that you must die, and you cannot use your wealth on the day of judgment.Therefore, you children of Adam, all of you over whom Death has ruled, be mindful of Death and remember life; and do not break the command­ment as your first father did.Kings, crowned with the diadem, remember Death, which will take away the diadems that are set upon your heads, and he shall be … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day 309: Aphrahat wants us to be a child of light and conquer Satan

Be a child of light and conquer SatanSatan fights against the strong and proud, says Aphrahat, but he has no power against the children of light. They defeat him by their acts of humility.Dear friends, our adversary is skillful. He who contends against us is crafty. Against the brave and the renowned he prepares himself, so that they may be weakened. For the feeble are his own, nor does he fight with the captives that are made captive to him. He who has wings flees from him, and the … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day 258: Aphrahat wants us to be humble from the start

Be humble from the start“Everyone who glories shall be humbled,” says Aphrahat—and then he gives a very persuasive list of famous boasters who were indeed humbled by God.Everyone who glories shall be humbled.Cain gloried over Abel his brother and slew him. And he was cursed and be­came a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth. Again the Sodomites gloried over Lot, and there fell upon them fire from heaven and burned them up and their city was overthrown upon them. And Esau gloried ove … [Read more...]