Experience the Eucharist through the eyes of the early church

One of the main things that separate us Catholics from our Christian brethren is the Eucharist. Non-Catholics have varying beliefs in what communion means for them. As Catholics, we firmly believe in the Real Presence and that what we are receiving at communion is the actual body and bluff of Jesus Christ. In his new book Around the Table: Retelling the Story of the Eucharist through the Eyes of Jesus' First Followers Scott Hurd reveals exactly why the Eucharist is so important in our daily … [Read more...]

Off the Shelf 019 with guest Scott Hurd

If you missed this past Saturday’s show you can listen to the archive now. Scott Hurd and I discussed the Eucharist and his book Around the Table: Retelling the Story of the Eucharist through the Eyes of Jesus' First Followers. Scott employs the Ignatian method of putting yourself into the scene and it makes for  a pure joy to read. He chose 14 different biblical "characters" to explain the justhow important and wondrous the Eucharist truly is.You can listen to the show below or download it h … [Read more...]

CBB Giveaway: BeDADitudes

This week one lucky winner will receive a copy of BeDADitudes: 8 Ways to Be an Awesome Dad by Greg Popcak (you can read my review of the book here)  sponsored by Ave Maria Press. I use Rafflecopter to run my giveaways which makes it simple for you and me. The contest begins now and ends next Thursday 4/06 with a winner chosen later that day, enter below!a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]

Off the Shelf Episode 016 with Greg Popcak

In case you missed this weekend’s show check out the link below to hear the archived podcast. Greg Popcak and I discuss his excellent, though provoking book on fatherhood BeDADitudes: 8 Ways to Be an Awesome Dad from Ave Maria Press.You can listen to the show below or download it here. … [Read more...]

How men can reclaim their lives for Christ through the beatitudes

Men today are facing a crisis. Each day we are faced with a culture that minimizes our roles as fathers. This does have to be the case however. We must learn to cast aside what society tells them they should be and instead, embrace their faith and become the fathers God wants them to be. “God has a plan to transform you into the father you are meant to be through his love and grace.” Greg Popcak has written a book that shows men exactly how to accomplish this in BeDADitudes: 8 Ways to Be an Awe … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Sonja Corbitt

Sonja erupted on the scene early last spring with her explosive book, Unleashed, where she shared how the Holy Spirit is freeing her from her patterns of toxic relationships, self-medicating habits, awful circumstances, and overwhelming desires.Now she’s showing up everywhere. Her 13-episode Unleashed TV series, perfect for study groups, aired weekly on CatholicTV. Soon after, her radio show Bible Study Evangelista launched on Breadbox Media, (previously named Pursuing the Summit) on which So … [Read more...]